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On the Mafpels company blog, we publish current news from the business world, the latest trends in technology, as well as examples of successful practices from well-known companies. We strive to provide useful information that will help our clients develop and achieve new success. MAFPELS' publications contain useful tips and instructions for business start-ups, as well as best practices for working with clients from global experts. Mafpels trading is convinced that our blog will be of interest to everyone who wants to develop their business and stay abreast of the latest trends. Mafpels Cyprus team appreciates the attention of its readers and strives to create added value for all those who want to succeed in business.
How to stand out among competitors
The main purpose of marketing is to help a business stand out from the competition, attract the attention of potential customers and so on. After all, the more people who are interested in your business or service, the more real customers you can get. There are many ways to create unique selling propositions and offers.
SEO - full website development and promotion
Let's talk about SEO - complex development and promotion of the site, which is designed to increase its importance from the point of view of search engines and, as a result, to increase the volume of traffic. SEO promotion includes work on increasing the position of the site in the organic (free) rendition of search engines.
Don't do it. How to lose the trust of your customers
In a retail business, customer trust is one of the most important things to keep in mind at all times. If they trust your business, they will buy. If you or your business is not trusted, there will definitely be no sales. In Mafpels company's blog article we will discuss some mistakes in communication with customers.
Email newsletters: where to start and how to avoid getting spammed
Email marketing is a way of promoting goods and services by sending letters with specific information via email. It is regularly declared 'dead', but when used correctly, it can bring many benefits. Experienced entrepreneurs know that email marketing helps to increase the level of customer loyalty and conversion of an online shop, to build trust in the brand and, most importantly, to get a steady profit. In following Mafpels trading article we will briefly talk about this marketing tool.
Marketing research: meaning, stages, effectiveness
Marketing research is the collection, classification and analysis of information that enables a company to develop strategies and minimise uncertainty.
Preparing to start a business. What to look out for
You have decided to set up your own business. You think you have a great, unusual, promising idea. But will it work? You need to assess how the market will accept your idea.
Which marketing trends will be relevant in 2024?
A marketer's work should always be based on current trends. If your marketer is using outdated trends, it means he or she is lagging behind, and consequently the company is lagging behind. In Mafpels Cyprus article we are going to talk about marketing trends that will be relevant in 2024.
What is an audit and why is it needed?
A professional and timely audit of a company provides an opportunity to obtain an independent assessment of the state of the company's financial affairs. This is the basis for making strategic decisions on which the company's future development depends.
Working with customer feedback: analysing and motivating it
Companies spend a lot of money on customer engagement, marketing, SMM, CEO, investing in advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, etc. However, all this can be in vain if you do not measure customer satisfaction and improve your customer experience processes.
Which business services to use for successful small business development
Many small businesses face the problem of not having enough resources and expertise to run their business effectively. But specialized business services companies come to the rescue. In this article, Mafpels management marketologists look at a few important services to help small businesses grow and succeed.
Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell goods without having to store or deliver them themselves. Instead, the seller enters into an agreement with a supplier who sends the goods directly to the buyer. Dropshipping has become popular in recent years because of its simplicity and low start-up costs.
Modern business trends: how to keep up with the competition
Modern business is a dynamic and competitive world where companies compete for customers' attention and loyalty. To keep up with competitors and keep growing, you need to keep up with current trends and apply them to your business. In Maf pels company's article, we look at the key trends that will help you stay on-trend and achieve business success.