Which marketing trends will be relevant in 2024?
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A marketer's work should always be based on current trends. If your marketer is using outdated trends, it means he or she is lagging behind, and consequently the company is lagging behind. Here we are going to talk about marketing trends that will be relevant in 2024.

Many people think that a trend is something new. However, we should not forget that a trend is a major tendency of change in something, an important, noticeable direction in its development. A trend is a tendency characterised by stability over time. What will be relevant in 2024 - in our material created together with Mafpels trading's specialists.
Dialogue marketing is the promotion of goods and services through direct communication with the consumer in real time. It is carried out using messengers, social networks or chat modules on websites - channels and tools where text communication is possible.

It is very important for the customer to receive feedback quickly. Organise your work so that the person receives the first response as soon as possible. The customer should know that he has been noticed, that his request has been accepted and that he will be contacted. This is enough for the first stage. It is important to remember that if people want to complain and do not get a quick response, they will go to social networks and review sites with this negativity. You need to give the customer the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction, receive it properly and respond to the criticism. This work can be done by a bot so that real people are not burned out by the constant flow of negativity. Have the bot thank you for your message and let you know when the person will be contacted.

Working with influencers

Influence marketing can be seen as the idea of famous people or opinion leaders working with companies to promote their products and services. The fame of opinion leaders is influenced by the number of followers they have on social media rather than their overall popularity. Therefore, an influencer can be a traveller talking about the most interesting and mysterious places on the planet as well as a celebrity. The influencer's audience should match the brand's target audience.

Dialogue Marketing

Consumers want confirmation that the people behind brands live in the same world and experience the same emotions as they do. They want to match the image created by marketers on a personal level. That's why companies want to speak a living language and personalise their communications.

People's lives are becoming more and more digital, so they are missing out on simple communication. So give people people. It is the humanisation of a brand that leads to the creation of a long-term bond. This emotional connection can be created with a mascot or other character that represents the company in digital channels - video, email, app - or on a logo.
Social marketing is a company's effort to promote a brand while supporting certain social values. Social marketing addresses important social issues such as medicine, the environment and charity. Today's audiences trust companies that strive to help others as well as make money. Having values and living by them is at the heart of the social marketing concept.

Humanising the brand

Social marketing

Use both short and long form video. Each has its own advantages. Reels, shorts - these are the most watched formats today. Short videos should be entertaining.

They can also have an engaging function - to get people to watch a longer video.
The video format is the most engaging type of content. People want to read less and watch more. Make longer videos. Talk about interesting phenomena, things, new products, etc.

The Mafpels company's marketers use most of the technologies in their work.

Using virtual and augmented reality

Furniture brands and clothing companies have learnt to use these technologies. They allow you to 'try on' clothes or shoes and see how you will look. Furniture can be virtually placed in your home and you can decide whether it will fit or not.

Of course, these technologies are not yet available to everyone. But it is important for a marketer to be aware that this is a trend, to follow it and to think about how it can be used to develop the business. the business.
These technologies are evolving rapidly. Artificial intelligence is being trained and improved. In marketing, it can be used to automate social media management, analyse competitors, study target audiences, create content, improve a brand's visual strategy, etc.

Using artificial intelligence

Social media

This trend has been around for years and will continue for a long time to come. Social media is a complete marketing tool. Don't just maintain your pages, market, communicate with your audience, engage your audience, post content they want to see and share.

Use video

MAFPELS social marketing
If you have something to say, talk about it. Invite interesting people, including your customers. Give people the opportunity to listen to information about your product or something related to your product.

Use blogs
Blogs remain an effective tool for promoting your business and building your company's image. Post useful articles on your web resources that are in some way related to your product.

People are tired of manipulation, of endless 'success'. Your mistakes and miscalculations can also be used in marketing. People want more truth and honesty. Tell them about your mistakes and negative experiences. It's important not only to talk about it, but also to share the conclusions for the brand. Perhaps these conclusions can be used by your customers.

Data-driven marketing
This trend is here to stay. Only draw conclusions and make predictions based on collected and analysed data. Don't work on a lucky/unlucky basis. If you do not take data into account when planning, you will be flying blind and will not know if you are going in the right direction or in a completely different one.

If you want to work well with data, be able to analyse it, calculate it correctly and plan all your marketing activities, you can turn to the experts at MAFPELS. We offer a unique range of tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. Whatever your needs, our experts can help you find the right solutions to meet your requirements and help you succeed.
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