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Welcome to the website of Mafpels company - your reliable partner in international trade. We are professionals in the field of services, export and import of goods and our aim is to help your company succeed in the international market.
MAFPELS managers understand that growing a business takes a lot of effort and resources. That's why our experts provide customers with integrated solutions and a personalised approach to help optimise business processes and supply chains. Mafpels company is ready to provide you with a full range of services, including market research to draw up a strategic business development plan and contract support. Mapels trading's team of experts has extensive experience in a wide range of industries, enabling us to provide the best services and solutions.

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve global performance standards and improve the efficiency of their businesses. Mafpels Cyprus strive to ensure that every client of ours receives quality and tailored support for their business initiatives, which is based on our expertise and innovative approach.
MAFPELS advantages
Support of contracts
The company guarantees reliable support of contracts and quality control of products at all stages of production and delivery, which allows it to retain the loyalty of its clients.
A team of professionals
We have assembled a highly skilled team of professionals to provide our customers with competent advice and assistance in solving the most complex problems.
World-class standards
We operate according to international standards to ensure our competitiveness in the world market and the quality of our products and services.
Efficient performance
Mafpels company offers customers comprehensive solutions to optimize their business processes and supply chains to help them operate more efficiently and keep costs down.
International marketplace
Mafpels management has long experience in the international market. This enables the company to successfully win new customers and expand sales geographically.
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MAFPELS business
One example of successful business process optimisation is the case of an electronics retailer. It was able to significantly increase profits by implementing new production technology and automating warehouse operations. As a result of this optimisation, the company was able to increase productivity by 11% and reduce personnel costs. In addition, the implementation of new technologies and automation of processes has enabled the company to expand its product range and enter new markets.

Another successful case study is optimising the business processes of a company that sells, installs and services sophisticated equipment. The company conducted a business process audit and identified bottlenecks in its supply chain that were reducing efficiency and increasing costs. As a result of optimising processes, the company was able to reduce its time to deliver finished products by 14%, which enabled it to increase turnover by 8%.
Another example of successful business process optimisation comes from an agribusiness company that was able to reduce production costs by introducing new land treatment technologies. The company used drones and satellite imagery to analyse soil conditions and determine optimal land treatment methods. As a result of this optimisation, the company was able to reduce production costs by 13% and increase yields by 16%.

Mafpels company provides a full range of international trade services, including market research, strategic business development plans, business process and supply chain optimisation, and contract review and follow-up. We care about each and every client, so our solutions are always unique and tailored to the needs of each business. We can be your reliable partner for your company's international success and evolution. Our experience and professionalism allows us to solve tasks and achieve desired results in the most effective way. We are ready to cooperate with companies of any size and level of development, from start-ups to major corporations. We understand that each company has its own unique needs and challenges, and we are ready to work individually with each client to find the best solution for their business. Trust Mafpels Cyprus to become a leader in your industry!

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