SEO - complex development and promotion of a site
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In this Mafpels management's article is another topic about ways to promote e-commerce sites. We will talk about SEO - complex development and promotion of the site, which is designed to increase its importance from the point of view of search engines and, as a result, to increase the volume of traffic. SEO promotion includes work on increasing the position of the site in the organic (free) rendition of search engines.

When ranking websites, search engines evaluate the following metrics
  • Page load speed;
  • Browsing depth (how many pages users view per session);
  • Time on site (how long sessions last);
  • bounce rate (how often users close the site immediately after opening it);
  • Repeat visits, direct visits;
  • Adaptability - all pages should display correctly on any device (smartphone, desktop, tablet);
  • Security.

The higher the site ranks in relevant searches, the more successful the SEO has been. This method will help to attract a large number of visitors, increase conversion rates, increase sales and make the company more recognisable.

In other words, SEO promotion is a series of actions that must be taken to modify the website so that it appears on the first page of the search engine when the user enters the relevant queries.
SEO includes

  • Website, niche and competitor analysis;
  • Creating a semantic core - selecting the key queries that users are looking for information on search engines
  • Internal optimisation. Creating the correct site structure, optimising content and meta tags, internal linking, working on site usability.
  • External optimisation. This includes obtaining external links, mentions and social signals.
  • Working with behavioural factors (depth of views, time on site, repeat visit rate, etc.).
Stages of advancement. Brief MAFPELS overview

Internal optimisation starts with the semantic kernel - this is a preliminary stage of any SEO-promotion. Development of robots.txt file and sitemap.xml, editing technical errors are designed to bring the site into compliance with the requirements of search engines. Specialists also remove duplicate pages, set up redirection, edit files for search engine robots. It makes no sense to start promoting the site, if the technical condition of the site is at a low level. The next part of the work - optimising the pages of the site. It includes writing texts, design of product cards, specifying meta tags.

An important part of optimisation - work with the structure of the site. The visitor should be comfortable on the site, which positively affects the behavioural factors. These are indicators of the credibility of your web resource and trust in it. If visitors will be comfortable to use your online shop - easy to find the necessary information, without problems to make purchases and leave requests - then the level of behavioural factors will grow. Users will visit the site pages more often and stay on them longer. All this will like search engines that will promote the resource. It should be monitored in web analytics systems, how users behave on the pages, and take into account their experience to implement improvements. It is worth analysing about once every three months.

External optimisation of the site is aimed at proving to search engines that you are an authoritative site, because you are referenced by other resources. It includes writing and publishing articles on authoritative resources, exchanging links with them. It will be useful to work with news sites where you can post press releases. External optimisation is necessary to increase the link mass. The more credible sources link to the site, the better.

Remember, SEO is a long term game. It will require considerable time and financial costs. The first results should be expected in about six months. SEO requires constant work, because competitors release fresh materials, the relevance of some products decreases, and others - grows, search engine algorithms change. If you do everything correctly and pay enough attention to this method of promotion, the results will please you. The Mafpels trading conducts detailed SEO analyses and makes recommendations on how to promote clients' online resources.
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