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The success and prosperity of a business depends on the consumer, so it is important for any business owner to be able to build relationships with those who are willing to pay for their product. To create positive emotions in a customer, you need to be able to sell well. It is no longer enough to simply force a product on a person. The salesperson must become their best friend and trusted partner. Read the MAFPELS blog to find out how to win the heart of your audience.

What is the value of a product?

Today, people have a huge choice of products and services. It is often difficult to decide which product option to choose. Therefore, a good sale is not only about a quality product, but also about helping the customer.

We often think that the value of a product is only in the product itself. This is not the case. The value of a door handle that doesn't fit any door is zero, zero tenths. Factories and factories produce millions of door handles. A salesman should be able to ensure that the buyer gets exactly the door handle he wants. Accordingly, the value the customer pays for has two parts: the product itself and the help in choosing it. Mafpel's management often organises training sessions for staff to make the sales process as pleasant as possible.
The classic sales algorithm is as follows: get to know the customer; identify the customer's needs; present; deal with objections; close the deal. It should be known and applied. However, you should not blindly follow this algorithm in every situation and even use learned sales scripts. If you are too persistent in your communication with the customer, he will become dissatisfied and leave your shop. And they will tell their friends and relatives about the annoying salesman who talks in scripts and tries to sell them something at any cost. As a result, word of mouth will give you a bad name and people will avoid you.
The managers at Mafpels Trading offer some simple tips to help you succeed in sales:
  • Refine the classics and adapt them to your own needs. Be a partner and friend to the customer, not a salesman. You may not sell the person anything the first time, but you may earn more in the long run if the buyer comes back and remembers the salesperson who made them trust you.
  • Continually add value to the product. For example, offer not only the product but also the service: free installation, replacement, delivery, etc.
  • You need to understand that building relationships with customers is a complex, multifaceted process. If you really want a product to be bought, you cannot impose conditions and limits on a potential customer. Your job is to intrigue, to get them interested in what you have to offer.
  • Treat each customer as if they were the only one. Whatever the task of talking to the customer, it is important to treat each one not just as an element of your customer base, but first and foremost as a person who has come to you with a pain, a need or a problem that needs to be solved together.

Modernised classics and customer care

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