Don't do it. How to lose customer trust
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In a retail business, customer trust is one of the most important things to keep in mind at all times. If they trust your business, they will buy. If you or your business is not trusted, there will definitely be no sales. In the MAFPELS blog we will discuss some mistakes in communication with customers.

In sales we can distinguish three types of trust:
  • Trust in the product;
  • Trust in the company;
  • Trust in the salesperson.

Trust in the product and trust in the company are built by marketing. It is a long and complex process. The goal of building trust is to make customers loyal to your brand. It is consumer trust that helps companies move forward. An uneducated manager or salesperson can easily destroy it.

The customer looks up to the salesperson as an expert who knows everything about the product and can help. He sees the salesman as a helper. The customer has to trust you. And you need to understand that your job is not just to sell, but to help the customer make the right choice.
Mistakes in communicating with customers

Using scripts is the first step to destroying a salesperson's credibility. Sales scripts are a conversational strategy: a set of talking points, questions and lines that salespeople use during calls or meetings with customers. There is often a requirement in companies to follow the scripts exactly. A manager or salesperson cannot deviate from the scripts because it would be a violation. This approach has a negative impact on communication with customers. It is clear that scripts can take into account different variations of the flow of the conversation. But it is impossible to anticipate everything.

Not listening to the customer. The salesperson must ask clarifying questions and be able to listen to the customer. The salesperson's job is to try to understand the customer as much as possible: to find out what he really needs and to satisfy his demand. If you try to sell "head-on" only the product whose implementation plan you have to fulfil, you will alienate the customer. It is important that a person understands that he is being listened to and that the goods are being selected to meet his needs.
Failure to honour agreements. Let's say your online shop has received an order. You make a phone call to clarify the details, but the customer does not feel comfortable talking at the moment and asks to call back tomorrow at 10:00. You agree, but then don't. If the person has been waiting for you to call, they will assume you are unreliable. This will negatively affect your reputation as a manager and the customer's opinion of the online shop as a whole. No one wants to deal with unreliable people and companies. All agreements must be honoured. If you find that you will not be able to call or come to a meeting on time - call, warn and reschedule.
Customer service analysis
Mafpels trading has only mentioned three mistakes that can cause consumers to lose trust in your company. In reality, there may be more. To find out what makes your customers happy or unhappy, it is important to regularly analyse your work with them. Study reviews about your company, conduct customer surveys and questionnaires, pay attention to the reasons why a customer refused to buy, etc.

One of the activities of MAFPELS is the analysis of customer experience. Based on our findings, we make recommendations on how to improve customer service and develop effective customer relationship management strategies. The result of our joint work will be an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Contacts for consultation can be found here:
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