How to stand out among competitors
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The main purpose of marketing is to help a business stand out from the competition, attract the attention of potential customers and so on. After all, the more people who are interested in your business or service, the more real customers you can get. There are many ways to create unique selling propositions and offers. However, it takes a lot of hard work to come up with a unique selling point. The main difficulty is that it is hard to come up with something unique these days. Everybody is selling more or less the same thing, at more or less the same price. Mafpel's experts have a few simple tips to help you win the battle for customers.

Obvious, but not profitable
Customers are people who need a particular product or service at a particular time. Your job as a salesperson is to create conditions that meet the customer's needs. The first thing that comes to mind is all sorts of discounts and promotions. Will you maximise your profits by setting your prices lower than your competitors? Discounts will help you stand out and increase customer traffic, but it is a very expensive method. You need a high volume of sales, a wide range of products and a large customer base to afford it.

Another way to stand out is to brand your product. This will make it stand out from the brands that customers already know. People will buy the product not only because they have a need, but also out of curiosity, to try something new. It is very likely that a person will like your branded product more than the one they have already bought. And then you will have a new loyal customer. Mafpels Cyprus uses branding to promote the services of clients and partner companies.
Additional services
Suppose you own a car repair shop. You have many competitors who also sell car repair services. Virtually all of them operate in much the same way. How can you make your car repair service a unique product? It needs to be complemented with additional services. They should add value and convenience to the use of the main service.

Here are some examples of additional services in a car repair shop:
  • You have all the parts you need to repair your car;
  • They only employ well groomed and cultured craftsmen;
  • You have a lounge where customers can watch their car being repaired;
  • You have a café where customers can have a coffee and a snack while they wait for their car.
If you have added other services to the main service that add value and convenience to the use of the main service, you have in fact created a unique product.
Emphasising the obvious
Continuing with the automotive theme, let's talk about a free way to stand out. In every product, in every service, in almost every business, there are processes, features that almost no one talks about because their presence is taken for granted.

Let's imagine a situation like this: there are several car washes on a street. Only one of them says: 'Washing plus vacuuming free of charge'. Most likely, all car washes on that street offer free vacuuming. However, if only one of them has such an advert, you might get the impression that others might charge for it. Which carwash will the customer choose?

If you want to promote your business, give it a new impetus, find new points of growth, contact the managers of Mafpels Trading. We will be happy to share our experience and professional advice with you.
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